About Us

Our goal at BitAvenue is to provide high rates, secured transactions and create awareness on various opportunities in the financial market.

Company Overview

Since 2019, We provide best service for our valuable clients.

BitAvenue is a platform that enables customers to convert their bitcoins to cash at a reasonable price or preferred local currency.

Customers can however sell their bitcoins and have money from the sales of the btc sent to their bank account.

Banks don’t support bitcoin but we offer a secure medium of exchange where bitcoins would be exchanged with local currency.


1. BitAvenue only deals with exchange of Crypto currencies/ digital assets into Fiat currencies
2. BitAvenue does not receive payment from individuals for training or trading tutorials. We provide free basic knowledge on trading and investments on the financial markets
3. BitAvenue does not engage in PAMM investments or any form of trading that involves receiving payments from individuals to help them grow thier capital.
4. We trade only on WhatsApp with the phone number +2349060817141